The best value for a 22lr rifle

One of the coolest 22lr rifles is the GSG 522 and it happens to be one of the best values you can buy. Considering you can get on for around $340 new that comes with one 22 round magazine it's cheaper then other tactical 22lr rifles.

The other great thing about the GSG 522 is the accessories you can get for it. It has a built in top picatinny rail for mounting any kind of optics and there are about three different stocks you can put on it. The best one is the retractable stock that looks like the classic HK mp5.

You can get a front froregrip that has a rail built in so you can mount a flashlight, front foregrip, tripod or any other front accessory like a laser you want to.

Probably one of the most popular accessories is the awesome 110 round drum magazine that holds 110 rounds of .22lr ammo. Check this baby out!



2013 Electronic Accessories

Every year sees advancements in electronics as new devices are released, and old devices are updated. 2013 proves to be another year for advancements in TVs as OLED become popular and 3D is more widely impemented. It will also be a big year for tablets as they are growing more popular, and starting to influence the way laptops are made and the way people consume media. However, in the midst of the big leaps, there are a few accessories that you'll want to pay attention to in order to get the most out of your devices. Seriously checkout the latest Galaxy S4 cases and covers here.

1. iPad mini Keyboard

The iPad has made the tablet market what it is today, and no one has proven to be better at making new devices and getting the world to love them than Apple. In 2012 they introduced their new iPad mini, a 7 inch version of their iPad. It's a great device, and will probably see an improved processor, camera, and speed in 2013. While those additions are great, they won't change the way you interact with your iPad mini like a bluetooth keyboard will. The smaller screen size means it's harder to type on, and very hard to type quickly or great deals of information. With a keyboard, you essentially turn your iPad mini from a tablet into something much better and more useful. To check out the best iPad mini keyboards, click here.

iPad mini keyboard

2. Galaxy Note 2 Case

Samsung has also had a big 2012, and it looks like 2013 may be even bigger. They released a few great phones, including the Galaxy Note 2 and the Galaxy S3. These phones have gobbled up a large part of the smartphone market share. They are available on all major carriers, and offer a lot of great features and designs. If you're one of the customers that bought one, you know they are great phones. They are also expensive phones. A drop and break could cost you deeply. That's why its important to know the best accessory may just be a solid case to protect your phone, and protect your wallet from several hundred dollars of replacement or repair bills. To see the best Galaxy Note 2 cases, including OtterBox Galaxy Note 2 cases, visit

Make 2013 a great year, and have fun with your new electronic accessories.

CES 2013

With CES 2013 starting today there are bound to be loads of cool new devices being launched and announced today. There are expected to be several high end upcoming verizon phones and devices coming out of various manufactures.

Phone heroes will be updating all the latest and greatest smartphones coming from all the cell phone manufactures this week.

Already there is a new fitbit device called the Fitbit Flex for $99 that tracks your activity throughout the day and gives you a nice report about the calories burned during your workouts and even sleep.

A cool new 3D printer called the cube 3D is making it easier to print 3D objects at your home and this is a market that will continue to make large innovative gains in the next few years for sure.


The Cyborg Gaming Keyboard

Got game? You will have now, with the advent of the Cyborg  Gaming Keyboard by Saitek. Take the advice of gamers everywhere by replacing your standard keyboard with this stylish innovation and play with the best of them.

cyborg gaming keyboard

This keyboard offers backlit Tru-Vu illumination that lets you dominate the competition in the dimmest environments. You can adjust the lighting color to suit your mood, from red to amber—even green. Your favorite gaming keys such as WASD, directional arrows and keypad, can be adjusted separately and the board will remember these settings even after a reboot. The most used keys are metal-clad to withstand the most enthusiastic game play.

Included is Saitek Smart Technology to give you easy control of the gaming board’s features. Add to this 12 programmable Cyborg buttons and you’re ready to take on the most cunning adversaries. You can store macros, create different profiles for different games and program your own hotkeys.

Another feature that has gamers excited is the multiple angle settings, both front and rear, with an adjustable wrist wrest so you can remain comfortable during those marathon sessions of world saving play.

Lastly, the keyboard incorporates gold-plated pass-thru USB, microphone and audio ports so there is no more dismantling your desk to change configurations.

This sturdily crafted technological wonder will provide you with a new gaming experience and make your old games once again seem new with this awesome gaming keyboard.


The LG Nexus 5 is a Great Smartphone

LG Nexus 5

The Nexus 4 is out and there are tons of great cases for this phone! My favorite is the Ringke super slim case. It's very slim so it feels almost like the phone doesn't have a case on it at all which I really like. I love my Nexus 4 without a case, it slides in my pocket perfectly, looks amazing and functions as manufacture wanted it too...but it can get scratched easily and broke if I drop it.

So I always look for cases that are very thin to protect against a scratch or a light drop...any protection is better then none. My favorite case is this one at the case site right here >